‘Whenever, wherever’ by Andy Wood, experieanced Tax Advisor and Barraster at etcTAX

Andy Wood describes how HMRC has taken a leaf out of its Spanish counterpart’s book when it comes to celebrity taxpayers.

It’s a hard life being a global pop star. OK, please bear with me on that one.
Worldwide restrictions to limit the spread of Covid-19 have prevented touring to any great degree for 18 months. The popularity of streaming has hit incomes too, generating significantly less cash than the sales of albums or even CDs have done in the past.

Attempts to boost one’s profile also now carry the potential of stoking social media trolls, who behave in a way which even the worst music critics never used to.

In addition, there is the ever-present threat of the tax inspector, eager to take his or her share of your wealth.

The latest artist in the firing line is the Colombian singer, Shakira. Efforts to plug her latest single earlier this summer were somewhat overshadowed by the news that Spanish authorities have recommended she face trial for alleged tax fraud.

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