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How many times can you say ‘customer’ and still be wrong

On Thursday 27thJuly HMRC issued it’s “Professional Standards for compliance”. I know I’m batting zero when I say that I’m fed up with being called a “Customer”, it’s never going to be changed back to taxpayer despite the fact that I am a taxpayer that engages with HMRC who are the correct recipients of my taxes. I am not a customer of HMRC because customers have choices don’t they? The new modern HMRC love the idea that they are some sort of open all hours shop run and managed by a kindly Albert Arkwright...

How did it get to this HMRC?

What happened to one employee who HMRC decided was liable for their employer's paye liabilities. It's not an easy read Download

Has there ever been a worse time to be involved in tax?

Tony Margaritelli laments the poor state of HMRC and the service it provides to tax agent. Welcome to the latest issue of HMRC EIP magazine. It’s a simple fact that accountants and tax agents cannot operate in a vacuum. We need two things: clients and HMRC. The former pay us to handle their affairs efficiently and effectively, to establish their tax liabilities speedily and with certainty, to ensure all their necessary interactions with HMRC are undertaken within the timescales laid down and to minimise their exposure to tax...