“Putting a stop to tax fraud – but how?” by Mala Kapacee, CTA Director

Mala Kapacee discusses the ins and outs of the joint APPG/Taxwatch proposal on the way HMRC treats promoters of tax avoidance schemes.

In October 2022, I was invited to an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) discussion on a paper written by the APPG and Taxwatch, called ‘Putting a Stop to the Tax Fraud Game’ (the ‘Paper’).

Taxwatch and the APPG are suggesting that HMRC should be more proactive in prosecuting promoters of tax avoidance arrangements, or at least considering more cases for prosecution. The point of the event was to discuss the Paper and hopefully provide some constructive critique and how to take the ideas forward.

We note that the Paper refers to tax avoidance; however, we understand that this refers to aggressive tax avoidance schemes, rather than the more ‘acceptable’ bespoke arrangements.

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