“Let’s get serious” by Amit Puri, Tax Director, Lancaster Knox

Amit Puri investigates the latest statistics for HMRC serious tax investigations.

I first wrote about HMRC’s serious civil tax investigations’ statistics in September 2019 (article available here). Following further Freedom of Information Act 2000 requests to HMRC I have an updated version of my article. This is perhaps even more poignant currently as HMRC targets Covid-19/furlough related frauds. Introduction Entrepreneurs and businesses know full well how exhausting and nervewracking it is to be under HMRC’s microscope. Even routine looking enquiries can pile on the pressure, but HMRC’s most serious investigations dig deep and often rattle clients. As experienced tax investigations specialists we fully understand this. We make it our mission to keep upto-date with the latest statistics and approaches being taken by HMRC to reduce the uncertainty and worry for our clients – offering them peace of mind and, of course, being their trusted ‘buffer’.

Download the full article below.