“Comment: Points make prizes and a job in the TPF beckons” by Tony Margaritelli, Publisher, HMRC EIP

The annual Budget has just been presented to Parliament and our inboxes are groaning under the strain of emails offering ‘Budget Updates’; actually, this year’s affair was full of amendments and updates that warrant a long hard look, writes Tony Margaritelli.

Ignoring the bulk of the tax and Covid-related matters I was struck by two particular items. 

First was the announcement of the Taxpayer Protection Taskforce (TPF), which is to be formed by HMRC using a £100m investment. I can hear ‘The A-Team’ theme music playing as I type. The announcement says that 1,265 HMRC staff will make up the taskforce and 100 or so will be new to HMRC. The aim is to tackle abuse and to stamp down hard on any exploiters of the Covid schemes that were set up to provide support where it was most needed.

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