‘Calling In the Experts’ by Mala Kapacee, specialist in preparation of disclosures to HMRC

Why should you use a tax investigations specialist and when? Mala Kapacee shares her thoughts on these important questions.

Someone once said to me: “I feel that not enough accountants avail themselves of specialist tax investigations services, usually on the false premise of cost or even fear that their relationship with a client will be undermined.” It’s time to set the record straight.

Have you ever been on a walk where you start off going in the right direction, you are fairly confident you need to turn left at the next tree and the next thing you know you’re in quicksand, the sun is sinking and you’re completely lost?

You may not have been in that exact predicament but the metaphor applies to any situation where someone starts out in complete control and slowly gets out of their depth, without realising it. The key is to understand when to ask for help and who best to contact. Being in this magazine, we are of course talking about HMRC tax investigations.

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